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When you purchase a computer off the shelf at a store, you are rolling the dice on if it is going to have the power and resources to meet your needs. Save money and make sure you have the right PC for you from the beginning.

Don't take a chance with store PCs

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Get the PC that is a custom fit for you

Office productivity

Some programs and applications take more of your computer's resources than you may think. If your computer seems sluggish, you might need more power to do your work effectively.

Recreational gaming

Sam's Computer Service can also make custom PCs for playing the latest games with the highest quality and picture available. Contact us to take your game to the next level.

Not sure what kind of PC you need? Don't worry. Sam's Computer Service will sit down and figure out what you need to make sure it suits you.

FREE consultation

We support all hardware and software in our custom PCs. If you ever have an issue, contact us for help.

Support available

Custom built PCs that have the speed and power you need for

productivity or recreation.

No matter what you need a custom PC for, we design and assemble it with you in mind. We make sure that all programs and applications are installed so you can start using your new computer right away.

Built to your specifications

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